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Nestled between the mountains and the rolling prairie in the upper most North-Eastern corner of Oregon is Equussage training and breeding facility. Equussage is located on forty acres of rolling pasture. Our selective breeding program is designed to accentuate the special and unique qualities of each breed. We breed only a select few mares. The foals are handled and introduced to a wide variety of challenges and obstacles early in life. We take pride in producing beautiful, loving, confident, curious and respectful foals who make spectacular partners.

We have a wide range of horses at Equussage from beautiful Andalusians, elegant Friesian Sport horses and charming, versatile Morgans, to cute cuddly gated Icelandics.

In summer, our horses graze on beautiful pasture and in winter they are fed top quality Eastern Oregon 2nd cutting Orchard grass hay.


Briana MacEwan~Briana@Equussage.com~541-240-9009