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~About Equine Balanced Movement Therapeutic Bodywork~

Equine Balanced Movement is designed to bring your horse to his or her peak performance. Whether your horse has had an injury, or simply favors his or her left lead over the right lead, this program will help your horse find its true potential. Through injuries, hard work, repetitious movements, ill-fitting saddles and even just playing in the pasture, horses develop tissue tension in order to protect areas of pain. As prey animals, horses are designed not to show weakness to predators. Thus, many horses with tissue tension may not show any sign of lameness for years. However, imbalance and tension cannot be hidden forever. A horse that may never have been obviously "sore" a day in its life, may suddenly and inexplicably become lame or sore. Equine Balanced Movement is designed to release tissue tension throughout the horse's body, enabling the horse to move in a free and balanced manner. This allows the horse to perform more effectively, whether in demanding competition or recreational riding.


Free Evaluations:
Not sure if your horse needs the Equine Natural Movement Series? Schedule your horse for a FREE evaluation. I will examine your horse and give you my honest opinion as to whether I think this work will benefit your horse.


Please Note: For all sessions and evaluations, horses should come well brushed. If you wash your horse, or if they have been rained on, please allow time for them to dry before the session. Horses must be dry, or the session cannot be preformed. Please be present during your horse's session, which will last 50-65 minutes. Allow another 10-30 minutes to discuss your horse after the session. Horses must not have any open wounds. If your horse may bite, kick or strike, please inform me before the session or evaluation.

Please inform me, of any known injuries or lameness your horse has had, when the incident occurred, and any other information associated with these injuries, including vet diagnosis. In addition, inform me of any medications and pain killers that you are giving your horse. Thank you.


Session ONE:
The series will begin with my becoming familiar with your horse's tissue tension patterns. This session removes initial layers of tension from the horse's tissue and allows me to build trust with the horse.
The sessions will appear much as a massage. The first session will assist me in familiarizing myself with the tissue tension patterns of your horse. I will be working with the tissue and will not be exercising your horse. However, I may deem it necessary to lightly lunge your horse for additional information about his/her movement. After taking your horse through the first session, I will give you a synopsis of what I discovered while working with your horse. This work will not hurt your horse, but can make them a little sore and tired. Please be prepared to give your horse the rest of the day off work. After each session, please be sure to turn your horse out into a pasture or large corral so that they may run, play and stretch easily. Your horse will likely need some time and space to test out his/her enhanced range of movement. Your horse may be frisky and excited after the session.


Session TWO:
Session two will remove outer layers of tension to discover deeper tissue tension patterns, thus revealing other areas of pain that have been hidden for purposes of self-protection. This gives the horse a better sense of balance.
This session will help your horse gain stability and balance. I will give you a synopsis of the changes in your horse's tissue tension after completing your horse's session. Often, after two-three sessions, layers of tension peel back to reveal previously undetected tensions. I will be looking for improvement and changes in the tissue to give me insight into how I can best help your horse in the sessions to come. As before please be prepared to give your horse the rest of the day off work.


5-8 sessions are recommended depending on your horses needs.

$35 per session

Contact me to schedule!

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Please note that I will travel for no additional charge up to 10 miles from Enterprise, Oregon. If you are further away, please use the button below to pay for additional mileage. Add as many to your cart as needed for miles one way. (ei. if you live 20 miles from Enterprise add 10 miles to your cart.)

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Why do I love to do this work? My love for all animals, but especially horses, led me to pursue an occupation in which I could help to remove physical barriers and enable horses to lead healthy, happy and balanced lives.

Anyone who is interested in this work for their horse is welcomed, and encouraged, to call me to discuss their horse and ask questions.


Briana MacEwan~Briana@Equussage.com~541-240-9009